Oct 13, 2009

random, spontaneous trip to CA

I was in Vegas last weekend for my annual meet up with my step-dad to work the ren fair. It was a success, I made great money in a short period of time, and was sad to head home. Then i thought" wait- why do I have to go home? I don't have a job.." so i switched my flight to fly out of LAX instead of Las Vegas, and pushed it back a few days (ended up being cheaper and I got money back, woohoo) and drove home with my step-dad. I saw him and my mom in march for a couple hours, but I haven't seen my younger siblings in over a year. We pulled up and it was one giant bear hug. I couldn't have been happier. The twins are 15, and teenagers, and so adorable. Lindsay is 9, and not my baby girl anymore. Nick is probably the most similar to what I remember. I had him drive us (just the kids) into town for some treats. We went to ralphs and got all the fixings to make some ice cream creations. I am seriously in love with my family. SERIOUSLY. They are the best. AND they are coming to Philly in a little over 2 months to spend Christmas with me. I want you to meet them, and I want them to meet you. It's going to be great. Anyways, a few camera shots of my awesome brothers and sisters (there are 3 more as well, and i love them just as much)

benny boy


gracie + katy

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