Oct 24, 2009

ridding ourselves

I wasn't excited about this, but now i am. I'm going to get rid of a bunch of stuff. Try to sell most of it- so I don't have to rent a truck to drive across the country. Mostly furniture. Because everything else is in boxes, that I frankly don't want to go through. So- In the next couple of weeks I'll post here and on facebook pictures of what I want to get rid of, and if you want it- just let me know!

I'm excited to go treasure hunting for new stuff once I'm in the NW!


sanityseeker said...

ooh i am excited. i want to score some good stuff!!! i am sad you're not sticking around, i was hoping to have you as our part-time babysitter. but i wish you well in the NW! where are you moving, do you know yet?

amanda said...

I will be glad to take some stuff off your hands.
Let me know when you are leaving so I can make you dinner or something.