Oct 23, 2009


Siobhan and I have tentative plans to get tattooed next Tuesday. candy corn you're mine! I was also thinking about getting a Philly tattoo at some point. I was thinking about afriendship bracelet (the old school woven ones) and have a pretzel, bike wheel, and pint glass woven in the design..i don't know, still thinking about what philly means to me.

Also- I started a new blog, but I haven't actually written on it yet. It's going to be specifically for all of my baking and cooking adventures. I plan on hibernating this winter in my new town, and baking and cooking alot. I bought a new gluten free cookbook, so im going to test out recipes and send them to Siobhan.

AC was really fun, won some money, but got back super late, and had early morning breakfast plans. I am so extremely tired!

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