Oct 22, 2009

What a freaking awesome day.

It's BEAUTIFUL in Philly right now. Siobhan and I went to Estelle for brunch (seems to be our go to place when we're together) then out of the city to Terrain for the afternoon. OH MAN- I am super excited to move back to the NW and be in the beautiful scenery there. I love living in the city- but you can have city and green in the NW. awesome. As the days get shorter and shorter..I'm getting more anxious/excited/nervous/sad. A little less than 3 years ago I moved here not knowing a single soul. Now I have so many amazing friends. I've been through some good relationships, friendships, ups, downs, hard times, good times, silly times, i learned about beer, I traveled a TON, I went on adventures..and i'm not stopping until I literally am pulling away from this city. Get at me in the next couple of weeks so we can go on adventures one last time. Atlantic City tonight, NYC once more in the next few weeks, etc etc.


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