Nov 19, 2009

Day 2

Today I woke up and went to check out a couple more houses with my friend Madie. We also grabbed coffee at Sweetness Bakery and Cafe. When I got home, Ambar, Ali and I went to Ceramicafe to paint some pottery. HA.

i made this spoon rest, so i could finally retire the cherry one :) It hasn't gone into the kiln yet, those colors actually look way better.

these are iphone/crappy pictures, but you drive over this lovely hill to get to beaverton (where i am staying at my friend Ali's) and it's covered in beautifully colored trees. I also found this super cute pastry shop in St. Johns. It's kitschy, and apparently has amazing donuts? And fun old fashioned cakes.


katie said...

welcome to pdx! i've been looking at your blog for a bit now a enjoy your upbeat stride. tulips is soooo good but you really must have some cake from pambiche a cuban place on ne 28th. you'll never be the same

lana bear said...

wow! thanks so much! I love hearing from readers that I don't know. I'm assuming you live here in portland? I will ABSOLUTELY try the cake there. I'm a cake fanatic. Do you have a blog? I would love to read! Thanks for saying hi :)

lady.shiv said...

I love that spoon rest! Good painting, Lana!

katie said...

i don't have a blog and am pretty quiet on line ( not in person). i live in the ne, lombard and mlk. the best thing about portland is the people who live here, love it
see you around