Nov 20, 2009

Day 3

Let me tell you a CRAZY thing that happened this morning while i was getting my Stumptown coffee. The man making my coffee, asked me what I was doing today, and I said "I just moved here, so I'm just exploring downtown." He asked me from where, and I told him Philly. He told me he just spent a couple weeks there visiting a friend he knew from back home (Arkansas) who had moved there. We chatted about how we both lived in AR, and then he said "Yea, my friend lives in Fishtown." What the WHAT? Since we were both in a coffee shop while this was taking place, him making my coffee, and I purchasing it, I asked him if he went to the rocket cat. He said we went there everyday! CRAZY. I totally bet I saw him. anyways. That was a wonderful way to start my day.

Then I met up with my friend Ben at Powell's. The largest independent book store. New and used books mixed together on the entire city block worth of bookshelves. We found ourselves in the DIY, craft, decorating aisle reminiscing about FIDM, LA, NYC etc. It was lovely.

Then we walked down to Voodoo Doughnut, where I got a regular ole maple bar. classic. Ben got a dirty old bastard, and Ali got an old fashioned with maple. Delicious!

We walked around pretty much all of downtown before heading back to Ali's house to pick up her roommate and do some more thrifting. I've been adding all the photos I DON'T show you here to my flickr, so you can see more if you'd like. I got a couple more (awesome) men for my manwall, a huge pot to make soup in, a jacket, a vest, a sweatshirt with wolves on it, some cute shoes, and a handful of other useful/fun things.

I thought Siobhan would like these.
A tiny, but cute recipe book, and an embroidered floral wall piece
(the colors look dull here, but its actually quite bright)


lady.shiv said...

Looooove those shoes! You know me well :-)

lady.shiv said...

Oh, also (I thought it was in a different post so I went back to comment on it...) you know Shannon is obsessed with Stumptown, right? And how they have a coffee cart in West Philly now? What a small world.