Nov 18, 2009

Day One.

Started with a trip to Multanomah village for breakfast at Marcos. I wanted to eat EVERYTHING on the menu. I settled for the egg sandwich with egg, avocado, tomato, pepperjack cheese and herb mayo. yummmmmm.

I wish I could explain how pretty it is. and how nice it is to see trees and mountains everywhere. i loooooove it. I went to check out a house today, which was totally quirky and cute and old. It's in a nice cute neighborhood, but it's a little removed than alot of other i'm not too sure about it. We walked around downtown, where my store is, and I met some of the employees, who were awesome. I stopped into a vintage store on 23rd (same street as my store) and bought these awesome boots, and cute hat!

This is the street my store is on

I also got some treasures at a thrift store, this cute stool, little shelf, a brown tiny vase, weird flocked donkey, and foil butterfly tiny prints.

There were these awesome tiny, weird dolls, but i think they were vintage madame alexander dolls, because they were expensive..

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