i made it!

2 planes, a 4 hour layover, and a bumpy ride later, i arrived in Portland. Kashi was a little shook up, but was happy to see me. I missed my little man the past 6 weeks. I'm glad to have my buddy around all the time again. My friend Ali picked me up from the airport, and we went back to her house, where I met her roomates, and we all hung out for the rest of the night. I was pretty tired from the time change, and the long travel day, so I made it to bed around 1:30. I woke up early, and I already love this place, my hair curls PERFECTLY. love it. It's grey, with some blue peeking through with scattered rain today. yum. The greenery is so different. Evergreens! I missed them! I'm going to see a house today, the one I posted a few weeks ago, and then hopefully make it downtown for a bit. Dinner with my friend Madie, and then who knows! I'm going into work on Friday. Everyone at the store that i've talked to so far has been EXTREMELY nice, and super excited to have me. That feels great. I miss my friends, that won't change, but it might get easier. I'm already looking forward to my first visitor, and my first visit back east. I love you!!!


glad you made it safely. can't wait to read about all your portland adventures