Nov 30, 2009

lovely lovely

so it's been 2 weeks now. seems like forever. i miss siobhan, and lois, and colleen and lindsey and bryana. i miss alot of other people too, but i miss my girlfriends. i never had girlfriends until I moved to Philly, and now that I'm here, I'm wondering if I will make girlfriends again. You guys mean so much to me, because you're the first and only, and best friends i ever ever had. It's hard to have a day off and not be able to call you to hang out. It's hard to wake up in the morning to a quiet house, and have to make my own coffee :) I'm sorry I have been bad at calling you. I get really sad when I think about it, and it makes me cry, so I try not to think about it, which means I end up not calling you. Please know that I think about you EVERY SINGLE DAY, and miss you loads and loads. I cannot wait until Sept to come back and visit, so I'm shooting for the Spring. Tim Burton exhibit in NYC? Yes please!

I went to McMenamins last night. They have locations all over the city, and each one is totally different. The one in my neighborhood has a movie theatre in it. They brew their own beer, and have an awesome happy hour. $3 garden burger made with their hammerhead ale? Yes please! I fell in love with my neighborhood. It's so cute, and adorable, and lovely.

My store is great. The girls there are so fun. It's weird because I'm actually one of the oldest people there. even older than my store manager. weirrrrrrrd. I'm so used to being the baby! I'm super excited for Kielly to get up here already.

Thanksgiving was good. I spent it with my old high school youth pastor and her family. So far I've been eating vegetarian since i arrived. Ok- this feels post feels so random. I haven't had the internet, so I haven't been able to blog, so this is like a catch-up post. not very fun. hopefully I'll have the internet up and running soon, which will make it much easier.

loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you


Colleen said...

I miss you too! I can't believe it has only been two weeks. There is so much I want to talk about.

You are so great at making friends and investing in people. I know you will connect quickly to some wonderful people.

Love, Colleen

lady.shiv said...

Another sad Monday without you :-(
I love you so much, I can't wait to come see your cute new world!

Dita said...

I'm already planning my trip to your new world. I'm right there with you in your little heart. p.s. send me your address so you can receive a special Christmas treat! xoxoxoxo