nyc the week from heaven

NYC has been so amazing this week. It was nice to get away, and I did want to spend some time here before I left. Bry is probably the most perfect New York City buddy. We stayed with her parents, on the upper east side, please check out our view:

We've done marvelous amounts of shopping. It's Christmas time (you can deny it all you want, but it's only 48 days away) And the spirit is ALMOST in the air. Window displays are changing, I haven't heard music yet, but you can believe I've started listening to it :) There is something about shopping, and walking into a department store that just makes me so happy. It definitely reminds me of being a kid, and walking around Seattle during the holidays. We used to get our picture with Santa at the Bon Marché every year. I loved that store. Everything was so glamorous, and the hustle and bustle was so exciting. I still love it.

We also took in a show last night. We picked Next to Normal, as I had heard good reviews from my sister and aunt. It was wonderful. I'm usually a bigger fan of traditional old broadway shows, so I was surprised I liked this one so much. It was a contemporary rock musical (which i bought the soundtrack for, because it was AMAZING) about a dysfunctional family. It brought tears to my eyes, and made me laugh. Well done!

"I miss the mountains"
I loved this song.

We're on for one more dinner, and then headed back to philly. Then only 10 days until i leave. AHHHHH.

ps- kielly found a cute little cottage that had a JACUZZI! whatttttt??