Nov 21, 2009

quick one.

quick post. no pictures. GOOD NEWS! I got the HOUSEEEEEE! YEA YEA YEA! Getting keys Sunday, stuff is already here, picking it up on Monday. Have a couple days off next week to get settled. These aren't the best pictures, but they are all the ones I took when I looked at it for the first time. I'll definitely take more as I get settled and you know, make it cozy. My room is perfect for slumber parties, so please come visit soooooon!

Also- started work today. Everyone is CRAZY insanely nice and fun. I think it's going to be a great group to work with. Taking public transportation here is THE BEST. it's like Europe. I'm love love loving it.

I also went with Ali to her church tonight. It's called Solid Rock, but they have a service on Friday nights for young people, called The Way. I assumed it would be hard for me to attend any church after being a part of Circle, and I was right. It was really hard. I actually wasn't as annoyed with the speaker as I thought I would be, as a matter of fact, I thought he had some really good stuff to say, it was definitely targeted to a younger audience, and aimed for to entertain. The music really stumped me. I kept waiting for the next song to have Jay Beck on drums, and "FUNGA ALAFIA!" But alas, it never happened. There isn't anything innately wrong with those kinds of "worship" songs, but they just feel so cheesy to me. It helped not to be judgmental, when I looked around and saw how many people WERE connecting to God that way. It's their way. It doesn't have to be mine, and it doesn't mean it's any less of a way. It's just not for me. I'm excited to try out Imago Dei on Sunday. I'm also excited to have Ali here. She's GREAT.

That's it! Happy Friday!

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