Dec 1, 2009

Blogging from my phone!

I'm into this, until I get Internet set up. I think I may try 'Clear'.

I saw Brothers Bloom a few nights ago and holy cow! It's definitely
one of my new favorite movies.

I also have been settling some more, I hung up some stuff above my bed, and I love the way it looks on the slanty ceiling. It's definitely a design challenge that I'm having fun working with.

It's only 3 weeks until I am going home for Christmas, and then driving back up here with my family to hang in Portland for a few days. I couldn't be more excited. I'm listening to Nat King Cole's Christmas album. I put lights on my house today, my decorations up and i want to get my tree this weekend. Yeaaaaa!!!!

Ok, well I tried it, and it didn't post everything, and the formatting was messed up. Oh well. Nice to try!

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