Dec 20, 2009

Christmasey Things

Put up my tree. It's my favorite tree I've ever had/decorated. Put up lights on my house. Put out my Christmas decorations. I'm excited for my family, and Kielly to be here, so someone other than myself can enjoy them. I think I'll make a pie today. There are 3 coffee shops close to my house, and I think I decided which one I like best. John James Cafe. The girl who is always working is so nice, and fun to chat with. They have a bar, like rocket cat, and the vanilla here is homemade, and soooo good in my soy latte. The only thing is they close so early. 2 days til I'm home with family for the holidays. I don't have a Christmas dress though. I want a sparkly one. I want to look like her by summer 2010.

One year challenge. Not shopping went pretty well this year. I made it through October. I am pretty proud of myself, these last 2 months of the year got to me. Any ideas for this next year? Since I've been taking away things the last 3 years, I was thinking of adding something this year as well. Ideas so far: give up buying coffee, commit to working out a certain amount of times per week/etc, learn a language..what do you think? I have about a week left to decide.

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Colleen said...

don't give up buying coffee or just buy it when you go out with a friend. can't give up coffee dates :) I am joining a gym to get out my stress. you should do it too!