Dec 6, 2009

Girls, Girls, Girls

I've been meeting lots of girls. At the store. First there was Laura, she added me on facebook, and it seems as though we have EVERYTHING in common. Then there was Britta- She got my # and is going to call me when her and her gf's go out next. Today there was Ishbel and Katie. Ishbel owns her own company, Pilogarobic. It's Pilates, Yoga, and Aerobics all rolled into one workout. WHAT?? She was the nicest, and invited me to a class, which she said has the sweetest, nicest, cutest girls in it that she thinks I would get along with. They all are friends, and go out together after class and stuff. Sounds amazing. I'm super excited to try it! I'm also excited to hang with some ladies..

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