Dec 23, 2009

i freaking love my job.

What could be more appropriate for me, then to talk to strangers, and help them put outfits together? Throw in a little math, managing people, and there you have it, my job rules. Sometimes I feel like people think you can't have a career in retail, but I've certainly made one out of it. Even coming back to a store from the home office, It's still great. The girls i work with are positively amazing, and i look forward to taking the good old 17 (my bus) downtown every single day. It's officially been a month since my move out here. Crazyweird. It doesn't feel like that long. I leave in 13 hours to go home for Christmas. HOME HOME. I haven't been home in years. I'm so excited. I still need to head home (im at the coffee shop waiting for my bus) and pack, take a shower, and get my house a little together for when my fam comes back up here with me. I'm thinking I won't sleep tonight. My little brother is picking me up, and we have a few hour car ride back home. I'm so excited! I get to see my new roomie (she'll be up here right after Christmas) and I get to see Zach. I'm also going to a mini reunion of friends I hung out with in high school. That should be fun/entertaining. Just one picture today. Of my living room, my couchless, coffeetableless, tv less living room. :( I'm getting there.


lady.shiv said...

It looks so cozy!!!

Dita said...

I see a small-things wall! Your priorities are clearly intact! xo