apples and joy

The word joy has been constantly on my mind for the past week. last night in my gospel community (cell) I felt led to share this, and wanted to share it here as well. Kielly told me something last week that has been sticking with me. This girl LOVES apples. loves them. eats them all the time, for dessert, absolutely loves them. In this simple, really mundane thing she has decided to find great joy. God made apples. He made them round, and green, and juicy, and tart. He gave them seeds to generate new life, he made them tasty, and sweet. What joy to be found in this object God created for Kielly. She finds joy in apples, and remembers God. What a simple, wonderful exercise to find our own "apple". The small, tiny, things in our everyday life that we love and enjoy. To break it down to such a small level, and find God in it, and receive that joy. To practice finding joy everyday in that small thing, so that in days of despair, when the storm is coming, we naturally still find joy, and remember God.

What's your apple?

(I know Siobhan is having a fit over my use of commas in this post)


lady.shiv said…
Hahaha, I didn't even notice! I was focused on the fact that Joshua's talk on Sunday (which I missed but we had a great discussion about in cell) was about what steals your joy. You're mentally connected to us :-)