Jan 18, 2010

Bread and Wine

I went to a gathering last night, of a few small Gospel communities. We shared in a potluck, some singing, and we got into the Word. It was intimate, it was honest, it was really really beautiful. I think I've found my home here. I am so so so so happy, and excited. I came away feeling encouraged, and excited, and inspired, feeling blessed, grateful, and wanting to pray more, and read more. I'm excited to get to know Duke, Josh, and the rest of the community. It's funny to think about it, and think about when Circle was this small. I wasn't around back then, but I know I'm here in the beginning of this, and it's going to grow..

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Anonymous said...

Hey there!

So this might be totally random, but I'm a recent Portland transplant myself (just moved here from Detroit about a month ago).

Any any rate, I was actually searching for churches in the area and stumbled across your blog. I think I searched for Solid Rock and Imago Dei.

I don't really know a soul in the city except for a random friend from high school and my co-workers. Perhaps we could say hi in real life sometime?