day from helllllllllllll

today was wrong. and annoying, and frustrating, and everything kept going wrong. It felt so out of control. and if you know me AT ALL, that is hard. I'm gonna be as honest as i can right now..

so i started off the day by forgetting to put on deoderant. great. you know how the second you realize you forgot you immediately start profusely sweating, even if its 10 degrees outside? great.

we started getting shipment at work only one day a week now, so we got 9 boxes (we usually get 1 or 2 every few days) today, and fridays are also the day we do all of our visuals, so since I was closing, I needed to change the whole store around, and get all that product out. Luckily Jess was working, and we double teamed it and got ALOT done, but it still wasn't enough. I hate not finishing things, but I had to leave alot for tomorrow too. I'm going to go in early, to finish it up, and make my day that much longer.

Kashi has for some reason started to pee in his crate. I get home from anywhere (even if I've only been gone for 20 minutes) and he pees. It's gotten progressively worse. it started with just a little tiny bit, then more, then a full on wet mess, then poop, and today he somehow pulled a bag of trash into the crate, chewed it all up, peed all over, and got gum stuck to his chest. Just what I want to deal with when I get home from a long day at work.

2 days down, 6 more to go until another day off, and my dad in town (!)