Jan 27, 2010

here we are, almost at february

So one month (almost) into the new year means its been one month of the NBA 2010 challenge. It's going pretty good so far. I think I'll do a monthly update, so you know how it's going.

This month i've been given SO MANY opportunities to see what i've been missing. In my past few relationships, I've definitely compromised what I want/need/deserve in order to just be in a relationship. I have a pretty good idea in my head of how I want to be treated, but give it up, and i honestly..honestly, can't tell you why i do it. There are a select few people, who in the past month or 2 have loved me in a way i've never been loved. These are close friends of mine, and through this giving, I realized that I should be receiving that exact same thing if not more from any man i date.

In short, thank you January..these expectations are going back up where they should be.

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