Jan 10, 2010

killer weekend

i love kielly everyday more and more. i think we're on reason #397 of why we love each other. This was the first weekend we really got to hang out, and tear up the city. which we did. I opened Saturday, then met up with Matt and Mae for some Kenny and Zuke's. (Pastrami Hamburger?) Then we went to Ground Kontrol where Kielly and Adam met up with us (Adam is Matt's friend from high school who moved here in July) Its an old school arcade/bar. We drank PBR, stole someone's cupcakes, and laughed. ALOT. After a trip over to Voodoo for a late night snack, we headed home to call it a night.

At it again today, Kielly and I went to Junior's for breakfast (at 1:30pm?) where we coincidentally ran into Matt, Mae, Adam, and Steve/Dani. They rock breakfast pretty good, i chugged my fresh apple raspberry juice like a champ. We were going to head to the bins (a goodwill outlet center) but some alien put all these infected wires into one of Kielly's tires, and therefore we had to change it. A feat we conquered with teamwork, songs about tires, and some blood. One of the wires cut my hand, and one of my fingers got REALLY swollen, I thought an alien laid eggs in it and it was going to explode. Luckily Kielly talked me out of believing myself. Undefeated we made our way to the bins, where I scored and awesome native american blanket rug. We swung through Sellwood, picked up Ben, and went to Mosaic. I'll just say it wasn't for me and if you want to talk about it- give me a call. Although, they did mention a church plant, Bread and Wine, which i am excited to check out this week. They also had a gluten-free option at communion, which made me laugh out loud. Siobhan! They have a gluten free pizza place here too! So many gluten free places!

a new list of things to do:

1. have brunch somewhere new every sunday
2. once a week only eat/drink greens.
3. find bearded brothers.
4. start a cookie delivery service
5. record a conversation of kielly and i's where we only speak to each other in meow's.

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