my first bowling experience in portland, made me feel like i was in philly

I got off work last night, and missed my bus by 5 minutes, and the next one didn't come for another hour, so I called my friend Adam to see if he wanted to meet for a drink or something. He told me he was going bowling with some friends, and invited me to come along. I WAS SO EXCITED. On the 5 minute bus ride to his house, i saw a Pendelton HOME STORE. It looked like my dream house inside. We went bowling in Hollywood, and after getting settled in and the game going, a fight broke out a few lanes down. a scary fight. there were bowling balls, chairs, furniture being hurled over our heads. I was seriously frightened. The thing didn't scare me..really. I think living in philly toughened my skin a bit. moving here is weird because people want to stay away from the "bad" neighborhoods, and the non-white people.

That's something I love about bread and wine. They are interested, and committed to reconciling the racial obstacles standing in the way of the community being a community. They aren't ignoring the problem, they're moving into those neighborhoods, and getting to know the people who live there. awesome. Just made me think..