Jan 21, 2010

real quick

I got a journal, so I could write down my dreams, because i think i DO have them, but I just always forget them. I didn't write this one down, but I sort of remember it. It was really intense, and I was really scared. Some sort of scary authority came to our house (my family's) and said that I never returned my brownie workbook (yes, brownie as in pre- girl scout) and that if we didn't find it _________(i can't remember the consequence, but i know we were all fearing for our lives) we searched the entire house, every little box, every little corner, and before i knew if we found it or not, I woke up.

also- i just got invited to my very first breakfast date. I think God must have known I needed one tomorrow morning. rough day. ohhhh mueller/colleen/haley/keenans/siobhan/kephart..what i would do to have a breakfast date with you!


lady.shiv said...

I've only been to Cafe Estelle once since you moved!

Colleen said...

I love breakfast and lana.