reason #798

Okkkk..let me back track for a minute. When I was gone over Christmas, I had a friend Ambar house/dog sit for me. Before I left, I had bought a pint of coffee ice cream, and a couple weeks or so ago remembered it, and needed it. badly. I opened the freezer, but it was no longer in the fridge. I couldn't figure out where it went, and then saw this:

I actually still hadn't bought coffee ice cream since then, but had bought some organic soy chocolate ice cream. I went to grab it tonight, and found this:

I mean, seriously? I think im living in a dream world. If you don't know how much i love a) surprises b) notes c) thoughtful gifts. then you don't know me! I love this girl. I've missed you this weekend Kiki!


KiKi said…
Can't help myself...I just love ya!