Jan 13, 2010

starting off

Good week. Good day. Seemingly- it could have been terrible, but it was wonderful. Inventory was yesterday and today. This morning, I woke up at 3, to take my lovely, wonderful, awesome room mate to work by 4(am), and then on to work by 5(am) for me. Got off, met her for lunch, got a vegan BLT, and the best damn cookie I've ever had. Lavender snicker doodle. vegan and all. YUM. Walked around alberta, came home, took a baby nap, went to a gospel community (equivalent to a cell) and loved it. so so so so so awesome. a girl there had met pilger because she is neighbors with olga. then met up with pilger for a drink. it's now almost 2 am, im somewhat cloudy..not that tired, but the happiest girl in all the land.

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Kielly Jo said...

We Love Portland!!!