Feb 22, 2010

life, man

so right around the time i moved here, my skin was irritated, probably from the new pollens in the air, or something. It's continually gotten worse, to the point where I can't sleep because it's so itchy, and im generally uncomfortable all the time. But, since I just had my 3 month Portlandversary, I now have insurance again, and made about a million dr's appointments. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa for health.

I've been thinking about new tattoos, and LOVING the weather. I wore shorts today, and spent a few hours laying in the backyard with Adam and Kashi. Glorious Sunday if you ask me. I also made the BEST peanut butter cookies in all of life. seriously. perfect. Then I went to our once a month gathering for Bread and Wine, and potlucked it up.

Life is good, man.

1 comment:

lady.shiv said...

Jealous of your weatherrrrr. And jealous of Adam, cause I want to lay out with you :-)