status change

it's been a week since ive blogged. geez. i've been know, falling head over heels for someone. go ahead, laugh..some of you told me I couldn't do it, and yes you were right.

I came here, with the intentions of not getting involved with men for all of 2010. This was my decision, one I didn't (stupidly) bring before God, before making. All my other one year challenges have been simple (still challenging) but giving up meat for a year didn't really change the course or direction of my life. I felt like I made this decision selfishly, and instead of allowing God to heal me, love me, provide for me, I told him " no, I'm going to do this thing.." Overall, it was all about me, when that sort of decision should have been all about God. I've been hurt, and was at a point of total frustration, so I gave up, or took myself out of the equation. What I failed to realize is God is much bigger than that, and He wasn't having any of my 2010, year of no men.

Enter Adam.

Adam is from Connecticut, and went to school with Goat, and Matt Bruno. Matt and Mae were out here visiting in the beginning of January, and I met Adam a few times that week they were here. Him and Kielly and I all got along, so the 3 of us started to hang out. I was dead set on not getting involved, so I didn't even consider it. He says he liked me within the first hour of meeting me. Things start to brew. Several weeks later, and lots of hanging out later..He tells me how he feels, at this point I can't deny having feelings for him, but am still set on completing my 1 year. He didn't let that stop him, and kept on being the sweetest, most understanding, wonderful friend, with other intentions in mind :)

I prayed, I thought, I talked, and in the end, I was letting my selfish decision stand in the way of something good and beautiful. I let go of it, and have not stopped smiling since. I'm totally smitten. the end.


Erin said…
go for it girl! You'll regret it more if you don't give it a shot... guys suck but sometimes they come along and, well, no words.....
Jonny Rashid said…
I'm not going to say anything. Meanwhile, you already know what my face looks like.