Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

I just got done reading this book today. It took me less than a week. That's usually how fast I read, that last book just took me FOREVER. As my first introduction to Foer, this was a good choice for me. Not my favorite style of writing, but I loved this book. There were clear, defined characters, a story (which didn't all make sense until the end) a clear beginning, middle, end. Call me boring, but I love a traditional story. It's my favorite kind of read. All in all, I loved this book. I'm excited to read another. I just have to choose between Eating Animals, and Everything is Illuminated. Thoughts?


curtis.w said…
I'm glad you loved it! You can't go wrong with either of his other books. That being said, I think you'll probably like Everything is Illuminated more than Eating Animals. Just read one really fast and then read the other!
carina romano said…
everything is illuminated was the first of his i read. i thought it was pretty amazing.