Apr 2, 2010


Im def going to miss seeing everyone's chilly little faces atop Lemon Hill this year. Also, what had become tradition for everyone to come over to my house for brunch afterwards. (im pretty sure we have like 50 people there last year?)

I like finding new ways to decorate Easter eggs. Last year Haley and I dyed them with food. (link here) I remembered seeing this new technique around some blogs last year, and kept it in my head until last night.

Adam and I went to the thrift store and bought a handful of 100% silk ties. (Make sure they are printed, and not woven) You need to cut the bottom (fat part) off and deconstruct it. (rip/cut off the backing, so you have a nice piece of just silk) You want it big enough to wrap around an UNCOOKED egg, the outside of the tie is the side you want touching the egg. Wrap it as tight as you can, and then cover it with another piece of thin material (I picked up a pillowcase at the thrift store as well and used that) Then twist/tie it off (he tighter the material is the better the design will come out. Put them in a pot, cover with water, and put in AT LEAST 1/4 cup of vinegar. You can do more if you'd like. I used about a cup. Let boil, then turn off heat and let them sit until they've been in the water 20 minutes total from beginning to end. Remove, let cool, and unwrap!


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WHAT!?! Coolest easter eggs EVER!!!!!!

jerseygrl said...

simply amazing! you almost convince me that i'd want to be crafty and then i remember that i'm not really the domestic sort.


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that really is completely amazing.