days off (and on)

Sorry my dear friends for being so absent lately. April was literally the craziest month ever. I moved, there was ALOT going on a work, so I was working alot, and I took a vacation. All of that (plus not having internet at the new house until last night) kind of pulled me away from the blog. SO.

The new house is lovely. Its right around the corner from work, so I can walk there, and come home for lunch..its a lovely lovely neighborhood that I'm really enjoying. Its close to downtown, so I can walk to Adam's, there is a park a block away, and trader joes around the corner! It's a 3 story big old house. There are 7 of us living here, a couple on the first floor, 4 girls on the second floor, and me on the top floor. I have my own bathroom and kitchen, so its kind of like my own little apartment. I haven't unpacked much..but when i get a little more settled, pictures will be up.

Adam and I are doing pretty well. It's been over 3 months now, and we're moving right along. It feels like we've been together for ages, and we laugh when we realize it hasn't been that long. He's sweet, understanding, caring, and makes me laugh. I'm crazy, neurotic, and don't know how he puts up with me.

I'm leaving in 1 month to go to CA for graduation celebrations and to meet that little niece of mine!! I can't wait to see the fam. I've been missing them a lot lately.

That's pretty much my life. work is good, I love my store, I recently got put in charge of visuals, which is totally awesome. We just did our summer installation, and it's probably my favorite so far. If you live near a free people, you should go check it out!

ok. lovelove.