for the love of shopping.

browsing the online mall on a rare, but enjoyed night to myself, I've come across so many things I love, and want (or need) begin photos:

I have a funny little wooden ledge outside of my kitchen window that I deemed perfect for a grill. and i believe the second photo is self explanatory. need. uo

I grew up always having a pair of salt water sandals. in fact, i still have (and wear) a pair that my mom had from when she was younger. they've gotten pretty beat up, and I think I may indulge myself this summer with a new pair (color choices, oh my!) I have a couple pairs of moccasin slippers, then the booties, and the 3 tiered boots. I've been talking about the 5 tier for a bit now...should i do it??

I saw this red bag at madewell when I was in philly, and it hasn't left my mind since. Searching online for it, I also came across this smaller, crossbody version, which also comes in THE BEST HOT PINK EVER. They are FINALLY opening an online store..they had better make it to portland at some point, don't they know this city was made for madewell?


Dita said…
I bought that grill for girls like you!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo