i have been really really forgetting about my blog lately. so much going on!!

Nick (younger brother) got into a horrible bike accident, and broke both his arms. that was bad enough, but to make it all just worse, he had to withdrawal from school and move back home. I don't know if you remember when you were a freshman in college, stoked to have your own life..but imagine giving that all up a week into it. such a bummer.

work is really good. we have visits from our home office this week, and I got to be a part of presenting the walk-through, and it was really successful. That's really exciting!

my birthday is coming up, and im going to be 25. weird. I've been feeling pretty lonely out here. they just don't make em like philly. friends that is. Adam is amazing. but I really really miss the ladies in my life. I've been putting some effort out lately, and am hoping it gets returned.

I went to las vegas for my yearly trip to hang with my step-dad/work. played blackjack. I do love that game.

It's down to the championship games in MLB and the phillies are in it (duh) and cliff lee is playing too. So bummed he got traded before I was able to see a mariners game. oh well.

wintry blend coffee is back at TJ's and the guys at my store (who now know me) inform me it will only be a couple weeks til candycane joe joe's. Folks- my favorite season is beginning. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm gonna head to CA for a mini trip before holiday starts at work, since I'll be stuck up here through thanksgiving and christmas. I'm excited to see my niece again :)

thats all.



curtis.w said…
Let me know when you'll be in SLO!