So, current clothing obsession: maxi length anything. Well..not anything, but skirts and dresses. Obsessed. I currently LIVE in this jersey dress from Anthro. At $58 (plus my 40% off!) I think I need it in grey as well.

I will throw a sweater over it, a button up, a vest, and the list goes on and on. I like to tie tiny baby knots on the sides to give it a more rounded shape on the bottom, plus then you can see whatever cute shoes I may have on.

I also own this slip from UO, and am loving it as well. At $38 (plus my 40% off!) It was a STEAL!

This one is on my wishlist. at $98 (you know the drill) it's a higher price point, but I think may be worth it. Don't ask me why it's styled like this online. I mean..over denim shorts and a t-shirt? They aren't showcasing it very well. But the 2nd photo is from the November catalog, and I adore it. Also someone left that very hilarious review.


Lauren said…
I'm in love with that review. "It's not very professional." Well, perhaps you should get a job as a boho chic 20 something running through a field.

Once on Metacritic a user by the name of Brendan H. wrote "who the hell averages these scores?! rolling stone gave the album 3 stars out of 5! HOW IS THAT THE EQUIVELANT OF A 60?!?!?!?!" Very good question Brendan H...