11 days of thanks

1.it made me happy today to go to the post office and send off all my packages and cards. it's like you get to be santa and send happy things in the mail.

2. baths. in my jacuzzi tub.

3. talking about my family today to these 3 sisters (older women) who were all shopping together for one of their birthdays. I was beaming about my brothers and sisters, and talking about how i want to live next door to my mom. they said that's a rare thing to hear. and we all decided i have a great family, and it must be because i had good parents. i love talking about my family. because...

4. i love my family.

5. my customers. i had so many lovely, funny customers today. like this older woman who you could tell didn't care what anyone else thought, she loved being herself, and herself was silly. I was being so sarcastic and dry with her, and we were cracking each other up as her husband stood close by cracking a smile. or this other woman who has twins, but i've only ever met her son. He's 2, and he's my little buddy. we play while she shops, and we draw on pumpkins, and open all the secret drawers everywhere and pick out things we think his mom and sister would like. that's what i do at work. and it's so fun..