14 days of thanks

1. work. our store was featured on our internal display page as the #1 photo for holiday display!!!!!!!!!! Makes me feel so proud.

2. booking trips.

3. ELOISE HARPER MIDGETT!!!! My bestie Siobhan and her husband Eric just had a baby this morning, and I am SO SO SO SO excited!!! I'll be meeting her on her 48th day of life.

4. my neighborhood. I walk everywhere, and I don't have to walk far because it's all right here. I know lots of people that I run into on a daily basis, and I get to walk home for lunch, it's lovely. specially this time of year when it's all decorated for the holidays.

5. Spring! we're getting spring stuff in at work, and it's soooooooo pretty. soft, flowy florals. I'm in love. It also doesn't hurt that Spring happens to be when BASEBALL season starts