19 days of thanks

1. bagels. i have an AMAZING bagel place in my neighborhood. babe and i took a walk this morning to get coffee and a bagel. perfect morning date.

2. massages. i had mine this morning and it was amazing. i feel so goooooooooood.

3. crafts! I got some awesome stuff at crafty wonderland today!! who knows..maybe you'll get something in the mail!! Sarah Landwehr made this print, and I got a beautiful green one for babe and I.

4. crafts!! Yes, i listed this twice. once for buying, and twice for making. im going over to Lauren's in a little bit to make our Christmas crafts!

5. Looking forward. I'm going on a backpacking trip up Mt. Whitney with my family next July, and I'm so excited! I need to train, and I was picking out hiking boots today. I'm sure I'll talk more about that as it gets closer, and I'm training more. Hooray for fun family trips!


ACP said…
lana! i am thankful for your days of thanks - you seem so happy and it is contagious.

im glad you got those leggings at target - i thought of you when i saw them!

i work with a girl now who reminds me of you - same sunny optimism and sweetness.

xox alina