20 days of thanks

1. Surprises! Alex & Brad are in town from Philly and we went out to dinner last night. Alex gave me a surprise from Haley.and it was the best. a little hello kitty phone charm, its her in a gelato costume. That was inside a cupcake holder. That's why she's one of my best friends!!!

2. lazy days. i didn't get out of my pj's til almost 3 yesterday. i slept in, watched TV, and just hung out by myself. then i took a shower, and then a bath, and i just relaxed. it was AMAZING!

3. Babe. I cut his hair last night. then we went and got drinks before everyone else showed up for dinner. i love him. and he loves me!

4. Portland. While i miss my philly friends a ton, and i also miss philly alot, i LOVE portland. it's such an amazing city, and sometimes it takes someone visiting to point it out..but i really am lucky to live in such a clean, green, fun city.

5. Satsumas. growing up we always had these in the winter. they filled our stockings, and as yummy as they are, they're really nostalgic for me, so i've been gobbling them up this season!