22 days of thanks

1. love. it feels good to love someone. like real love. like love that doesn't go away when you're mad. love that you can feel, even when you feel nothing. love that makes you feel sure about your life.

2. umbrellas. as a portlander, i stick out because i use an umbrella. people here wear normal shoes and coats and don't carry umbrellas and they get wet. like REALLY wet, because on days like today, its a monsoon outside, and monsoons make you wet. i wear my rainboots i got and love from circle thrift, my new raincoat my family for me for my birthday, and my umbrella. and i stay very very dry.

3. sleeping in. i've been working early all week but tomorrow...i don't go in til noon so im going to sleep in. and make pancakes in the morning with my babe.

4. birthday presents. meg got me a gift certificate for a pedicure at a spa near my house for my birthday. i haven't used it yet, and since its winter, and my feet are in socks and boots all the time, i wasn't sure if i would use it. so i called and they said i could use it towards another service. so i scheduled myself an hour massage on sunday. It's a treat, and im so excited!!

5. 30 days of thanks. im thankful i doing this because A) it's making me think about my blog more, and writing. and B) it's actually helped me work through some stuff, and im feeling alot better about life.