23 days of thanks

1. packages! I love getting mail. letters, boxes, things, postcards. I got one today and it's the best feeling.

2. my coworkers. the absence of meg, makes me miss her, and ive just been appreciative of the ladies i see on a regular basis at the store. they are all pretty much younger than me, but really fun and sweet and awesome.

3. shazam. this is my life: i don't recognize any song ever. this morning at work a song came on i loved, so i shazamed it. easy enough, great, now i know it's matt & kim (who i thought i didn't like) Then this evening, another song came on i liked. so i shazamed it. except it was the exact same song. again- i don't recognize any song ever.

4. Tea & coffee. I've gotten into a pretty mean rut of having coffee every morning. its not that great for you, and i hate how i get head aches when i don't have any, so today i switched to tea. Constant Comment Green Tea to be exact. I have lc to thank for finding out about constant comment. best tea.

5. Rain. I get to see alot of it here, but you know what, we have the prettiest, greenest city ever. its like a forest city. i have trees everywhere, and it smells clean and fresh all the time. I have the rain to thank for that. plus umbrellas are so fun. and so are rain boots. which im in the market for..


Bigelow Tea said…
So glad you "discovered" Constant Comment tea! Hope it helps with your mornings. Enjoy the holidays ... and thanks for mentioning us on your blog!
-Deb for Bigelow Tea