Dec 8, 2010

23 days of thanks

1. packages! I love getting mail. letters, boxes, things, postcards. I got one today and it's the best feeling.

2. my coworkers. the absence of meg, makes me miss her, and ive just been appreciative of the ladies i see on a regular basis at the store. they are all pretty much younger than me, but really fun and sweet and awesome.

3. shazam. this is my life: i don't recognize any song ever. this morning at work a song came on i loved, so i shazamed it. easy enough, great, now i know it's matt & kim (who i thought i didn't like) Then this evening, another song came on i liked. so i shazamed it. except it was the exact same song. again- i don't recognize any song ever.

4. Tea & coffee. I've gotten into a pretty mean rut of having coffee every morning. its not that great for you, and i hate how i get head aches when i don't have any, so today i switched to tea. Constant Comment Green Tea to be exact. I have lc to thank for finding out about constant comment. best tea.

5. Rain. I get to see alot of it here, but you know what, we have the prettiest, greenest city ever. its like a forest city. i have trees everywhere, and it smells clean and fresh all the time. I have the rain to thank for that. plus umbrellas are so fun. and so are rain boots. which im in the market for..

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Bigelow Tea said...

So glad you "discovered" Constant Comment tea! Hope it helps with your mornings. Enjoy the holidays ... and thanks for mentioning us on your blog!
-Deb for Bigelow Tea