24 days of thanks

1. JOHN!! I am so so so thankful for him, and our friendship. He understands me, and handles me with such love and patience, even when im being a brat. we chatted last night about his london store opening, and i am BEYOND excited to plan that trip and be the "st. peter of JC events".

2. showers. i haven't had hot water for hmm about 5 days now, which means i washed my hair once with freezing cold water, which was possibly the most miserable thing i have ever done, and not washed anything else. ew. Since Lauren lives around the corner, she graciously let me come over and shower at her house. what a blessing.

3. unexpected phone calls. my regional visual manager called me today at work to check in, and let me know im on her mind and she really wants to get me into a display position. She told me I should think about getting myself into a market with more stores. i.e. northern california/seattle. interesting.

4. letting go. i can't force things to work. so it feels good to let it go, and let it happen if its going to.

5. dates! like the one i have with erin enos this weekend to go to crafty wonderland. It's as amazing as it sounds.