27 days of thanks

1. simple nights. adam and i had plans to go to the movies. saturday night out! but when i got off, we both decided to go to the store, get some stuff, and come home make dinner and watch a movie instead. Sometimes it's nice to have a date, but have it at home.

2. IKEAAAAAA!! I have a trip planned tomorrow with lb, and i couldn't be more excited. i love little things, and cute things, and cheap things.

3. Advent. the preparation of the coming of our King. what a dark and lovely time we are in, before true light comes into our lives. i love it.

4. presents. i love shopping for christmas shopping. and finding good ones and then hiding them, until its time to wrap them, and put them under the tree and in boxes to send to all my loved ones!

5. lattes. yum. double short soy latte with one pump of pumpkin please! even better when babe brings one to me at work because i don't have time to grab one on my way. thats love. latte love.