28 days of thanks

1. delivery. plain and simple. a long day, now over at lauren's NEW house and we ordered pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. don't even have to move to get it.

2. being complimented. today we got an email at work that was forwarded from our boss of bosses..like the HEAD honcho of stores. it was an email from a customer who came into our store, who I helped.

"Dear free people:

I am thankful for you. This past Thanksgiving I had to return some ill fitting boots I purchased from Free People.

I tried the sevens, I tried the eights, I cried and cried and finally decided to return before it was too late. I was visiting family in Portland and ventured for the first time into Store 00827. The manager in the store was so nice, professional, and helpful with my particular situation that I just have to give them an extra shout out.

Wow. In these hard economic times, I thought my free people purchases would dwindle to nothing, but now I will make an extra effort to order online. The human face this experience has given me is a smiling shiny free person. These girls were intelligent, caring and a great example of terrific customer service.

Bravo store 00827!!!"

to which my boss said:

"Portland ladies!!!! This made my day, no maybe season! So incredible!"

AND THEN..the manager of our Palo Alto store called and said she saw the pictures I posted today.(we post pictures every week to an online gallery for our district of our store and the merchandising) She wanted to tell me that she thought the visuals looked amazing, she was really impressed with how the store looked, and was going to replicate some of it in her store.

I was beaming today.

3. heat! due to annoying roommate situations which i will not go into detail about here, our gas got turned off..so while the rest of the house is cold, and can't use their stove, my lovely 3rd floor haven is toasty warm, and i can cook :)

4. Being appreciated. Every quarter at work, when we meet and exceed goals we've been given, we're rewarded. and it feels good. I got my reward this week, and I treated myself to a little shopping for this cold weather. being rewarded for working hard is such a lovely feeling.

5. lunch dates. Adam met me for lunch today, and we went fancy to papa haydn :) delicious everytime, it's only too bad we didn't have time for dessert. they're known to be the best! behold: the chocolate cube!