29 days of thanks

1. My job! I mean..i get to go to work, talk to women all day, play with clothes, and do crafts. what could be better? I also get to work for a lovely company that provides amazing benefits for me, plus other nice perks. like discounts. every month we get a handful of items an EXTRA percent off..and i tried this one on tonight. i actually thought I was going to hate it...but i LOVE it. I really want a new years dress for some reason, and think this might be the one. Do you love it? do you hate it? I ACTUALLY need opinions here..

I also get to do all the display stuff which means crafts, tools, and fun. Here is the holiday install i just did. soooooooo pretty. I love going into work every day!

2. CHRISTMAS!!!!!! Maybe it's because everything is sparkly, and it usually involves bundling up, and snow, and warm cozy drinks, and yummy smelling treats, and trees and and and..but mostly because it's the coming of our King. We all know how much I love birthdays, so this is like the king of birthdays!!!!!

3. I don't really like bragging, or talking about things im good at..but i have to say in the past month i have heard several times that my cupcakes are the best cupcakes anyone has ever tasted. that makes me feel really really good. i even dream about having a cupcake cart here in portland..there isn't one that i know of. a cute tiny one. with cute tiny treats with faces on them, on it!

4. this ring. I got it last year in the mail from my friend laura. it's my favorite ring to wear during the holidays, and today meg said "it should just be your celebration ring!" I guess I should wear it more often then just the month of december. It is kind of the BEST!

5. Surprises. As I went on my break this evening, Adam and I were walking up to Urban, and this new couple who have been going to our community were walking down the street towards us. Ben and Jamie just moved here from Texas, and she is just about the most hilarious girl, and Ben's super nice. They were in the neighborhood and were gonna stop by the store to say hey. What a lovely thing. I love visitors and surprises, and it's just such a simple thing that makes me so happy. Yea for lovely people!


jenibender said…
That ring is adorable. What brand/color nail polish is that?? You should do the cupcake cart. I'd love to do that too. I used to make the best cupcakes, too, but since have found out I have celiac, so I am trying to find all sorts of gluten free recipes now!

Ps. the store looks great.
Lauren said…
1. I want that dress so badly and have since I first saw it. I can't justify the price of it but if I had your discount I would own it in a heartbeat.

2. If there was like, a third level of ways to type letters that was even more spectacular that all caps and maybe a form of punctuation even more excitable than an exclamation point, I would use those things to type "Christmas."

3. I do like bragging. Especially about how I'm friends with the best cupcake baker in the world.

4. Use your ring to celebrate New Years, Valentines, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Flag Day, Independence Day, Ramadan, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Daylights Savings, and Merry Christmas. Then you have a reason to wear it year round!

5. Visits are pretty awesome. Especially when they are from you. And involve crafts. And tree decorating. And Heathers.
Siobhan said…
Your store looks great, I'm so glad you have an awesome job that you love! Also, thumbs up to the dress. And huge thumbs up to your cupcakes. Jenni, Lana made the most incredible gluten free ones for my wedding! Get her recipe!