3 days of thanks

1. CURTIS LIVES IN PORTLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He got here tonight, and stopped by even before he went to his new house. HOORAY! Friends in portland!!!!

2. By the time I get off work tomorrow my family will be here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. i like lots of new things at work..my picks?

these are actually online, since we don't carry shoes in store. but i've had such a crush on them for so long. if only they weren't so stinking expensive. dreamy huh?

This dress looks adorable. I think I just like it because it looks so Springy..

And then this sweater. I'd take the olive or the creme. It's beautiful. ohhhhhh la la

And who could forget the super stripe tee?! I have this one actually and I love it. It's long enough to be a dress, but if I tie of the ends a little bit, I can wear it over a slip, or jeans, and its just big and baggy and perfect. le love.

4. I went to dinner tonight with a couple of ladies I knew in LA who live here now. We all used to work together, and it's fun to think of old times, and reminisce.

5. I think about my trip to London pretty frequently, and I am so so so so excited to have overseas adventures with John. I am so excited, and am glad it's acually only 2 months away!!!!!! can you believe that?!