30 days of thanks

Meg, jenni...you ready??

5 things i'm thankful for, or are good in my life:

1. Days off. Today I woke up went and met Lauren at her new place (right around the corner from me!!) came home, made hot cocoa, snuggled with babe..and haven't done much else. Rest is needed, and I'm getting it today.

2. On that note...babe! I'm having a hard time..and I'm bummed a lot..but babe just keeps a smile, and keeps loving me.

3. Lauren! Man what a lovely little treat she is. a lovely ray of sunshine!

4. My momma..she knows me so well. I called her the other day because I was having a hard time, and she knew exactly how I felt, and knew exactly what to do.

5. braids..I'm pretty lazy with my hair, and saw this photo and tried it today. it's a simple little thing, but it makes me happy. I had some cute fabric laying around and it worked beautifully.

photo here.


jenibender said…
Yay! This is going to be good. I love that braid!
My name's Haley said…
:) I'm glad you have someone there who keeps you really happy. Can we catch up sometime soon?

Colleen Keller said…
I love this. I blogged about you.