4 days of thanks

1. its a crazy rainy windy day here in portland. i love being in my apartment (3rd floor of an old victorian house) I have skylights, and i can hear the rain, and almost feel the wind. Its so cozy in here.

2. Adam and I both had netflix, and it didn't really make sense so I cancelled my membership, and signed up for hulu plus. It was such a good idea!!!

3. I just painted my nails a gold glittery color, and im not sure if i like it...but it is sparkly, and i do like that. Lauren, youd be proud.

4. I'm surrounded by flowers right now. I bought some for myself the other day from trader joes, and it's a beautiful bouquet. there's even a pine cone in it! Then my dad sent me some carnations in a glittery red box for christmas, and Adam for the first time got me flowers for christmas. They're from a little place around the corner that make amazingly gorgeous arrangements. He did good!

5. I'm truly thankful that i'm never without. without food, water, a place to sleep, or love. I'm constantly surrounded by everything I need, and for that I am thankful and grateful, and overjoyed. God's blessing on my life is more than I could hope or ask for. I only hope I can be a good steward of these blessings.


Lauren said…
I like the Butter London gold glitter because it ends up sparkly but matte. If you aren't into the one you have on you should try mine before you give up on the sparkles. I also like how mine looks with all my little rings stacked.

I love the stormy weather but I want some snow!