7 days of thanks

1. christmas eve!

2. i was ridiculously tired this morning. i had the worst nights sleep. meg and i got to work at 8 to do some display stuff, and she was tired too. so we decided to get breakfast instead. perfect.

3. after 3 cups of coffee i was still barely able to move around, and lauren came to visit me at work. with coffee in hand. i didn't even have to ask!!!! the best.

4. i got flowers from my dad today. i don't think there's anything that could make a girl feel more special then getting flowers. thanks dad.

5. tradition in my house was we always got to open 1 present the night before Christmas. True to form, I let adam open one up tonight. He of course picked the heaviest one out of his stocking...cologne! hooray for good smelling boyfriends!


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