9 days of thanks

1. today was a long crazy overwhelming day, but having a 5 minute video chat with the keenans made it all better. dang i really miss them.

2. my mom left me a voice mail today that made me laugh out loud. and then play it for lauren so she could laugh out loud. i love my mom.

3. Adam got something in the mail today from his parents, and the little note said "Merry Christmas Adam and Lana...Love you guys" It makes me happy when we get stuff together, or when people think of us together.

4. I was at work late, and hungry, and didn't have the time or effort to make food. Lauren invited me over to her house, and she had made green bean casserole and mashed potatoes. it was perfectly what i needed. the company isn't bad either :)

5. and now im going to snuggle my babe because he doesn't feel well and watch an episode of dexter before i go to sleep. night night..


lover mother said…
I was just telling Jesse yesterday that I think that you are the most generous and giving person I have ever met. The way you love our family means so much to me. We love you too. Very much. I hope you have an amazing Christmas and tell Adam.."hey, what's up?" (oh, and if he is not good to you I will muay thai his butt...yes, that is a threat)