sweater stocking!

Adam has never spent Christmas away from his family, and therefore doesn't have a stocking!! I wanted to make one for him, and set in motion this lovely idea for a DIY "manly" stocking.

Items needed:
sweater of your choice
flannel, or other fun printed button up. (for a lining)
needle & thread (or a sewing machine)

1. cut out the shape of a stocking (i like short and fat vs. long and skinny) make sure you DON'T do what i did, and cut them the same way, they need to be facing opposite directions so when you put them together you have a front and a back, not 2 fronts. Do this with the sweater, and with your flannel.

2. sew the pieces together! Add whatever details you want. I took the cuff of the flannel, and made the top of the stocking. you could add bells, or ribbon, or buttons or someones name or fur or or or or or

3. hang on your mantle. (i didn't have enough light, so this is on my kitchen table) click the photo to see it big!

yes, i am aware my stocking has a pig on it. it's the one ive had since childhood. i love it.