blah blah new years

no matter how hokey it feels, i cannot let a year go by without at least commenting. or giving hope for the new year. as it stands, i've been doing these one year challenges for 4 years now (failing miserably only once, and by failing i mean winning) I've been thinking about this year, and I couldn't boil anything down to one solid action. There are so many little things I want to accomplish.

I want to be healthy. I want to take care of myself better through what I eat, how I exercise, and going to the dr when i need to.

I want to be fiscally responsible. I'm 25. I want to own a home, I want to start a real grown up adult life, and i need to be better with my money. I'm pretty good with money, but i could be alot better. I want to invest this year, and really focus on saving.

I want to be the best "me" i can. and I want to take the time i have this year to develop into my fullest potential. following through on things i say i want to do. I want to be more responsible, and motivated, and disciplined.

as vague as they might be to you, they have some pretty solid meanings to me and I'm excited to "grow up" a little more this year. I felt like I want on a personal plateau last year, and I want that feeling of a challenge back.

Already some things to look forward to in 2011...Philly in a month, London in 2, and climbing Mt. Whitney with my family in July. (the highest summit in the contiguous US!)

Our new years was spent with my family, watching movies, hanging out, playing cards, and relaxing. I couldn't ask for more. I'll post a trip re-cap tomorrow with photos. Here's one that made me happy...

my mom, sister and i all had gold sparkly nail polish complete coincidence!


Adam said…
it was the best fail of life!