lots of food huh?

So this is my year of "doing what I say" This so far has involved:

cooking with Curtis!
Trips with Lauren!
Working out!
Saving money!
Drinks with new friends!

Lauren and I made lots of macaroons, and they were so good.
one night i wanted chocolate at laurens so we came up with this. vanilla ice cream. chocolate chip cookie/brownie baked together with melted chocolate chips on top. what dreams are made of.
the mahi mahi fajitas curtis and i made. they were so so so good!


Lauren said…
I found coconut m&ms today at the store. I ate one and I was thinking it tasted very familiar but there's no way I've had coconut m&ms before. Then I realized they were reminding me of our macaroons.

Which there are still more of by the way.